About School

The community of Redesdale-Mia Mia Primary School considers itself a family that fosters wellbeing and embraces diversity. We strive to develop independent leaders who are globally capable.

Learning Rule

redesdale_logoWe all have the right to learn. We respect each other’s right to learn.We Challenge ourselves to do our best.

Naming it

redesdale_logoWe name behaviour that concerns us.Naming it empowers us.Naming it builds our confidence.

Treatment Rule

redesdale_logoWe treat each other with respect and speak positively.We encourage each other with our learning and help one another.We treat property and equipment with respect.

Movement Rule

redesdale_logoWe move safely in the room.Walking keeps us safe. We use equipment safely.We move safely in the play ground.

Redesdale Mia Mia

Primary School

31 School Road Redesdale VIC 3444

Telephone: (03) 5425 3155

Fax: (03) 5425 3264

School email: