End of School Concert


We are holding our end of year concert at the Redesdale Hall on Thursday, 20th December at 6pm with a BBQ to follow. All are welcome to attend!


Parent and Friends Association (PFA)


The PFA is a group of interested parents with two goals:

1. Fundraising for worthy projects; and

2. Generating a sense of community and belonging among Redesdale Mia Mia families.

If you are keen to have some fun and to contribute to your school, please contact us!


Working With Children Check (WWCC)



All parents or friends who volunteer or work at Redesdale Mia Mia Primary School in any capacity are required to have a Working With Children Check. The WWCC is free for volunteers. Please click the link below to apply, and don’t forget to nominate Redesdale Mia Mia Primary School on your application!




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