Here at Redesdale Mia Mia Primary School, our students enjoy an extensive curriculum with literacy and numeracy as its main curriculum focus while the use of Smiling Minds to develop students Personal and Social Capabilities. We also take the time to expose and nurture children in the arts, physical education and sport and information and computer technology.

Classroom Program
Students from Foundation to Grade 6 are engaged in 2 hours of literacy and 1 hour of maths per day. Students thoroughly learn the foundations of literacy and numeracy through explicit teaching, hands-on activities, exploration, small group teaching and educational games to equip them with the tools necessary for their future studies beyond primary school.


Academic and arts curricular:

  • High expectations of success
  • Strong academic program with excellent student growth
  • Differentiated and tailored programs where students work together
  • Emphasis on core subjects of literacy and numeracy
  • Tutor Learning Initiative
  • Networked computers
  • PE lessons
  • Art lessons


Sport and physical education:

  • Basic skills and movement development
  • Perceptual Motor Program
  • Visiting expert coaches to teach skills, games and strategies
  • Extension: Games and strategies
  • Focus on fitness, health and fun
  • Swimming lessons
  • Athletics – whole school sports
  • Swimming

    Swimming Program 2024

    Permission notes will be sent home early Term 1.  Our swimming program will run from 20th - 26th March, 2024.



Social development:


  • Smiling Minds Program
  • Respectful Relationships social development program (intra and interpersonal skills)
  • Excellent kinder to prep transition program
  • Senior student/prep buddies program
  • Comprehensive year 6 to year 7 transition program
  • Leadership opportunities throughout the school
  • Positive relationships and anti-bullying emphasis
  • Camps and Excursions with our local small school cluster


A wonderful community spirit – your child and you will feel welcome and included!